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Information storage hosting

So, you want to have your personal Eonza-based information storage, but you don’t have a website or the installation process seems too complex for you? Then order our personal storage hosting service.

  • First month of use is free without any limitations.
  • You can cease using our services at any moment and transfer all your files to another hosting.
  • You will be the administrator of your system with full control over it.
  • You don’t need any special knowledge to install or maintain the system. You get a turnkey solution that is ready to use.
  • You will always have the most recent Eonza version with all the possibilities.
  • High priority technical support and special attention from developers to your feedback.

Information storage creation form

Login: Your storage will be available by this name. For example,
E-mail: You will receive your login and authentication password to this e-mail. Contact us, if you didn’t receive an answer in 24 hours.


First month of use is free!

Overall size of dataCost
200 MB3 USD/month
500 MB5 USD/month
1 GB7 USD/month

Overall size of data is equal to the size of the database and the size of all your file stored on the server. This information is available in the Administrator – System information section.