Eonza is a program for creating and managing scripts

Free, open source cross-platform program for working with scripts and automating actions on the computer.

  • It does not require installation. Save the program to any directory and run it.
  • Free, cross-platform, open source.
  • Software does not require any additional programs or packages.
  • Graphical interface is implemented in HTML+JavaScript and opens in the browser.
  • Portable by default.

Key features

  • Creating scripts does not require knowledge of programming languages.
  • There is a constantly updated library of built-in scripts.
  • The program can be installed on a remote server or VPS/VDS hosting and managed from a browser.
  • Protection by password and using a "white list" of IP-addresses.
  • Quick search for scripts.
  • You can launch scripts from the console.
  • Saving logs and console output for each completed task.
  • Launch your favorite scripts from the system tray menu.
  • Export/import of scripts to/from a text YAML file.
  • It is possible to suspend, resume and terminate script execution.


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