Duplicate File Finder

The Duplicate File Finder script searches for identical files in the specified directory and all subdirectories. Files are considered the same if they have the same size and MD5 hash. The command saves information about found files to a text file in YAML, JSON, CSV or HTML format.

Specify the directory in which to search for duplicate files. Identical files will be searched in all subdirectories.

Wildcard or RegExp
Exclude Wildcard or RegExp
These parameters are described in command Foreach File.

Output File
Specify the name of a file in which information about found files will be saved. If the file extension is yaml, json, html, the file list will be saved in the corresponding format. For example, a fragment of YAML file:

 1- size: 1890
 2  md5: "ae9d4728d7113094397b29c5001384ae",
 3  list":
 4     - "/home/ak/go/pkg/mod/gopkg.in/ini.v1@v1.66.2/testdata/full.ini"
 5     - "/home/ak/go/pkg/mod/gopkg.in/ini.v1@v1.62.0/testdata/full.ini"
 6     - "/home/ak/go/pkg/mod/gopkg.in/ini.v1@v1.64.0/testdata/full.ini"
 7- size: 8943
 8  md5: "17faebcd8a80fc6ffff1fad0b3bc2473",
 9  list":
10     - "/home/ak/go/pkg/mod/gopkg.in/ini.v1@v1.62.0/testdata/multiline.ini"
11     - "/home/ak/go/pkg/mod/gopkg.in/ini.v1@v1.64.0/testdata/multiline.ini"

If the file has a different extension or there is no extension, then the information will be saved in CSV format. For example:


If Output File is not specified, a report on found duplicate files will be created and displayed.

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