PRO version

Financial resources are needed to develop a free open-source program, so we plan to develop and release a PRO version. It will have features that will make the work with the program more convenient, but will not affect the main functionality. Let's immediately note the following points:

  • All scripts will work in any version.
  • Pro version will be sold as a one-year license, which will cover all updates for a year.
  • Estimated release time for the Pro version is April-May 2021.
  • Updates of the free version will continue to be released 1-2 times a month.

We invite you to answer the questions below to get a perspective and choose the direction of the program's development. You can fill in only those fields that interest you.

Please enter your email address if you want to get 50% discount on the PRO version. This is not a mailing list subscription, the email will be sent only once after the release.
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