Predefined constants

When you run the script, the following constants are automatically created.

Name Description
apppath The directory where the Eonza program is located.
data This constant is used to transfer data when running scripts using the Run Script command or HTTP request from other applications. In this case, the script must process the received text data.
date Current date in YYYYMMDD format. For example, 20210819.
day The current day of the month. For example, 03, 19, 28.
eonzaport A system localhost port that is occupied by the Eonza program.
isconsole Equal to true if the script is running in console mode. Otherwise, the value is false.
localport The port of the system localhost server in the current script.
month Current month. For example, 01, 07, 12.
n Line feed character (0xA).
os Operating system. For example linux, windows, darwin.
port The port used by the current script.
r Carriage return character (0xD).
s Space character.
t Tab character (0x9).
temppath Directory for temporary files.
time Current time in HHMMSS format. For example, 135000.
year Current year.

In addition, the following constants are created:

When accessing the constants, you have to put a dot before the name.

1Eonza Path = #.apppath#
2Temp Path = #.temppath#
3Eonza Language Resource (cancel) = #.cancel#  
4OS = #.os#
5My Global Constant (myname) = #.myname#
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