Events are used to integrate Eonza with other programs and services. When an event occurs, Eonza runs the corresponding script. An event can be created in two ways:

Events are processed only when the Eonza program is running.

Event parameters

Provide a name for the event.

The system name of the script. The script should have no parameters as otherwise it will expect input parameters on startup. You can use the data parameter in HTTP request to pass data to the script.

Check this checkbox if you want to disable event handling.

The token is required when sending an HTTP request from another computer. In this case, specify any text here. Using a token protects against unauthorized event creation. Do not share the token with unauthorized persons.

IP Whitelisting
For additional protection, you can specify the IP addresses or subnets from which HTTP requests for creating events will be accepted. By default, the subnets that are specified in the whitelist field in configuration file are checked first. Thus, if your whitelist field is not empty and contains all the required ip-addresses, then leave this parameter empty. If you have defined this parameter and want to use the Create Event command or send HTTP requests localhost:port/api/event on the same computer, then add the following subnets: ::1/128,

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