The program Eonza is distributed as a single executable file and requires no installation. You just need to download the program as an archive (.zip, .gz) or an executable file. If you downloaded the archive, unpack it into a separate directory. If you downloaded the executable file, then also save it in a separate directory. At the first launch, the program creates files and directories necessary for its work, so it is desirable to allocate an empty directory with write access rights for it. This completes the installation process. Once launched, the Eonza directory will contain the following files and directories.

  • log - the directory with logs.
  • users - the directory for storing user data.
  • eonza/eonza.exe - Eonza program.
  • eonza.eox - the file with demo scripts. In the future, it will store all your scripts.
  • eonza.yaml - the configuration file with default settings that you can change.
  • eonza.eon - the file with notifications. You can delete it to clear the list of notifications.

The program does not write data to other directories and does not remember the directory where it is located. Therefore, you can always move or copy the installation directory to another location, to a flash drive or other computer. Also, it makes it possible to easily create backup copies of the program and all data.

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