User Guide Overview

This manual describes the main features of the Eonza program, which is designed to create and manage scripts. At startup the program opens its page in the user's browser. By default, the program address is http://localhost:3234. If you accidentally close a tab with the program, you do not need to restart it, just open a new tab and specify this URL there. If you run another instance of the program with the same configuration file, the web page with the current instance of Eonza will open in the browser. The left vertical panel contains section tabs.

  • Scripts. Here you can quickly find the necessary script and then launch it or open it in the editor.
  • Editor allows you to create and modify scripts.
  • Task manager allows you to manage the running scripts, as well as to view the history of launches and the results of completed scripts.
  • Packages contains script packages for working with external programs, objects and services.
  • Scheduler allows you to run scripts on a timer or when events occur.
  • Browser contains scripts that are available for launching in Chrome extension Eonza.
  • Notifications contains received notifications.
  • Settings contain customizable options for working with the program.
  • Help contains a feedback form and information about the program.
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