Let's consider the general settings of the script.

  • Name - the system name of the script. It cannot be changed if the script is already used in other scripts.
  • Title - script name, which will be displayed everywhere, where the script will be used.
  • Description - a short description of what the script does.
  • Folder - you can specify a folder name for the script. The folders will be automatically displayed in the general list of scripts. You can specify any nesting of folders using the / separator. For example, My Folder, Work/Archive.
  • Log Level - log level, which is set by default when launching the script. If you specify Information, the call of this script with parameters will be automatically displayed in the log, if the log level allows it.
  • Unrunnable Script - if you check this checkbox, the script cannot be launched. In this case it can only be called from other scripts.
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