Autofill Forms
Check this box if you want to save entered data in forms. In this case, the saved values will be substituted in the form fields on the next run. It is also possible to save several variants for filling out the form.


The Pro version provides additional features for safe work in the Eonza program.

Two-factor Authentication
If you installed the program on a VPS / VDS hosting or a remote server, be sure to enable two-factor authentication. In this case, after entering the password, the user will have to specify a one-time numeric code from a special program in the mobile phone. Two-step authentication helps prevent unauthorized access to the program if the password is leaked. If the user loses access to the cell phone, click the two-factor authentication reset button in the user list.

Logout All Users
Click this button if you want to log out all users. For example, it is recommended to do this after updating the program. If you enable two-factor authentication, then the program automatically log out all users.

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