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The easiest way to create a script is to add the necessary commands to the Script tab, but you can also use the Gentee script language to implement more complex calculations and actions. Here you can use both language constructions and all functions of its standard library. If you have specified parameters for the script, you can use variables with the same names and corresponding types. Note that you cannot define types, constants, functions, etc. here. Anything you specify here will be inserted into the body of the script function. This code will be executed before executing the commands that are defined in the Script tab.

Let's consider an example of a simple script to output a string to the console.

Step 1. Let's define a parameter with the name text and type Single line text. This parameter will have the str type in the source code. Thus, we can immediately use it in the standard Println function.

Step 2. Insert the Println call into the Source code.

1Println( text )

Step 3. Specify the script name in the Settings and save it under the name My Console. After that, we can use this script in other scripts.

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