Eonza program is intended for users who need to automate and accelerate their work at the computer. Eonza allows you to create scripts without programming knowledge and makes it easy to manage them. The program interface opens in the default browser!

Main advantages

  • Free. You don't have to buy anything.
  • Cross-platform. At the moment, the program can run on Windows, Linux, macOS. If necessary, we can add other operating systems and architectures.
  • Open source. You can make changes in the source code and compile the program by yourself.
  • No installation required. The program is distributed as a single file and creates necessary files and folders in the same directory at the first launch.
  • Portability. You can move the directory with the program to another location, to a USB flash drive or to another computer and it will work.
  • No dependencies. Eonza does not require additional programs and libraries on your computer.

Basic features

  • The program allows you to quickly find the script you want and run it.
  • You can create and modify scripts without programming knowledge. You just have to insert the commands you need into the script and specify the necessary parameters for them.
  • When executing any script, you can see all the output into the console and log file in a convenient form.
  • There is a library of built-in scripts that is constantly being updated. Besides, you can use scripts created by other users and share your scripts.
  • The program keeps the history of all script launches. You can always see the result of the script's work, its output to the console and records in the log file.
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