Changelog for 2020

Version 1.9.0 - 2020/12/26

  • Added Hide Tray Icon option in Settings.
  • Add Favorites scripts.
  • Added Favorite Scripts to the system tray icon.
  • Added optional onlyfiles parameter to the File List command.
  • Added the Directory Size command.
  • Added the Create Archive command.
  • Added the Unpack ZIP command.
  • Added the Unpack TAR.GZ command.

Version 1.8.0 - 2020/12/12

  • Added tray icon with Open in Browser and Shutdown items (except MacOS).
  • Added Folder parameter to script settings.
  • Created Standard library folder for built-in scripts.
  • If another Eonza instance is running with the same configuration file, a web page with the previously launched instance will open in the browser.
  • Added Title parameter to Settings.
  • Improved Shutdown page.

Version 1.7.0 - 2020/12/06

Version 1.6.0 - 2020/11/23

  • Added the Copy Files command.
  • Added the Delete Empty Folders and Delete Files commands.
  • Added the File Confirmation command.
  • Added the Exclude the mask and Search only the directories parameters in the command Foreach File.
  • Added Split function to the Set Variable command.
  • Added selection of actions If File exists in the Copy File command.

Version 1.5.0 - 2020/11/12

  • Added the Replace command.
  • Added the Regex - Find and Regex - Replace commands.
  • Added check of required fields in forms.
  • A form for specifying parameters is shown when running a script with parameters.
  • Added Length function to the command Set Variable.

Version 1.4.0 - 2020/11/04

  • Added work with objects in variables. You can access object fields and elements. For example, #myobj.param#, #val[field]#, #val[#i#]#, #list[10].size#.
  • Added File(str) str, SetVar(str, obj), GetVarObj(str), ResultVar(str,obj) functions.
  • Added substitution of file contents in values. For example, </home/user/#mypath#/settings.json>.
  • Added the File List, Foreach and Parse JSON commands.
  • Added Split Text, Join Text commands.
  • Added constants for line feed, carriage return, tab and space characters.
  • Error processing on correct completion of the task has been removed.

Version 1.3.0 - 2020/10/27

  • Added the Set Environment script to set the environment variables.
  • Added comparisons Environment Exists and RegEx Match in If Statement and While Statement commands.
  • Ask to save the modified script at Run, Export and Compile in the Editor.
  • Added functions (Absolute Path, Append, Upper case, Lower case, Substring, Current Time, Get Environment Variable) to the Set Variable command.
  • Added progress bar when copying large files in the command Copy File.

Version 1.2.0 - 2020/10/08

  • Added command line parameter -install.
  • Added a whitelist of IP addresses to the configuration file.
  • Added a limit on the number of simultaneously running scripts in Playground mode.
  • Added IP check when accessing a running task in a browser.
  • Added the Create directory script.
  • Added comparison File Exists in If Statement and While Statement.

Version 1.1.0 - 2020/09/28

  • Added the Get Web Page script.
  • Added host parameter to config file.
  • Added Playground mode.
  • The option develop in the configuration file has been replaced by mode (default, develop, playground).
  • Fixed HTML output in the Console tab.
  • Fixed a bug with the checkbox element type in the Form command.

Version 1.0.0 - 2020/09/18

First release.

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