Auto Increment Filename

The Auto Increment Filename command checks if the specified file exists. If the file exists, a suffix (index) will be appended to it, where index is such a number that a file with this name does not exist. Otherwise, the specified file name will be written to the resulting variable. The index count starts at 1. The suffix is added to the file name before the first extension - my data (7).tar.gz. The command does not create any file, it only looks for the first free name with a suffix.

Specify the full or relative path to the file that you want to check for existence. If the specified file does not exist, then this name will be written to the resulting variable unchanged. Otherwise, a suffix will be added.

Result Variable
Specify the name of the variable into which the name of the first non-existent file will be written.

Suppose there are the following files - /home/user/logs/data.log and /home/user/logs/data (1).log. You need to copy another data.log file there, but it must not overwrite the current files. If you specify Filename as /home/user/logs/data.log, the resulting variable will be /home/user/logs/data (2).log. Now you can copy a file with this name there.

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