SQL Query

The SQL Query command executes an SQL query to select data and writes the received data to an object variable.

SQL Connection
Provide a variable name with the SQL connection identifier. This variable must be defined in the SQL Connection command.

SELECT Statement
Specify an SQL SELECT query to retrieve records from the database.

1select * from #dbtable# order by id

It is recommended to use parameters when using values in an SQL query.

For example, you need to add one parameter when using this query. You can use #varname# variable substitution in parameter values.

1select * from #dbtable# where iduser = ? order by id

Result Variable.
Specify the name of the variable in which the resulting array of records will be saved. A variable is an object in which each element of the array is an associative array with column values. Subsequently, you can use the Foreach command to iterate over all the received records or substitute specific values.

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