Temporary File

The Temporary file command creates a temporary file with a randomly generated name. In the future, it is advisable to delete the created file if it is no longer needed.

Specify the text that will be written to the created file.

Filename Pattern
By default, a file with a name of random numbers is created. You can specify a prefix to be added at the beginning of the name. If you want a random number to be in the middle of the file name, then specify the * symbol in the required place.

1my => my4604338
2pref*.txt => pref1028002494.txt

Result Variable
Specify the name of the variable that will contain the full name of the generated file.

Optional Parameters

By default, the file is created in the system temporary directory. You can specify any directory where you want to create a temporary file.

1path: /home/user/tmp
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