RegEx - Find

The RegEx - Find command takes the value of the variable and finds the regular expression matches. The regular expression must conform to the RE2 specification.

Variable Name
Specify a variable name to search for matches.

Regular expression
Specify a regular expression. A regular expression can contain groups (...). In this case, you will get additional values for each group.

Find All Matches
By default, only the first match with a regular expression is searched. Click this checkbox if you want to find all regular expression matches.

Result Variable
Specify the name of the object variable to which the array of found occurrences will be assigned. If you are looking for only the first match, then this variable will contain an array of strings. At the beginning there is a substring that matches the entire regular expression. If you have specified groups in a regular expression, then substrings for each group will follow. For example, you have the following text and and the resulting variable ret. Then, for a regular expression (\w+)@(\w+).(\w+) you get an array of strings

1// ret = [ my eonza org]
2#ret[0]# =>
3#ret[2]# => eonza

If you search for all matches, the resulting variable will contain an array with information about each match. For the example above, you will get an array of two arrays of strings.

1// ret = [[ my eonza org] [ your eonza com]].
2#ret[0][1]# => my
3#ret[1][3]# => com
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