Flowchart Element

The Flowchart Element command creates a page for the flowchart element. The command may contain other scripts that will be executed when you jump to this element. You can specify the necessary text and a list of further actions that will implement the transition to other flowchart elements. This command is similar to a function and only executes internal commands when jumping to that element. To run a flowchart, you must use the Flowchart command.

Specify the name of the element. Use this name in options for other elements. Selecting an option with this name will take the user to that element.

Page title. If not specified, the title will be equal to the element name.

Page text. You can use text in HTML or Markdown format.

1Current value: **#num#**

Next actions

Specify the link text for the option. If not specified, the title of the element, which is defined in the next field, will be used.

Flowchart element
Specify the name of the flowchart element that will be executed when this option is selected.

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