RegEx - Replace

The RegEx - Replace command takes the value of the variable and replaces all matches of the regular expression there. The regular expression must comply with the RE2 specification.

Variable Name
Specify a variable name to find and replace matches. By default, the result will be assigned to the same variable.

Regular expression
Specify a regular expression. A regular expression can contain groups (...). In this case, you can use the values ​​for each group in the replacement string.

Replacement String
Specify the string to which all matches of the regular expression will be replaced. If the regular expression contains groups, then you can substitute their values ​​using ${i}, where i is the group number starting from 1.

2Regex: (\w+)@(\w+)\.(\w+)
3Replacement: [${1}-x@${2}.com]
4Result: []

Result Variable
If you want to save the replacement result to another variable, specify its name here. By default, the result is assigned to the original variable.

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