Files and directories

The commands for working with files and directories are listed here.

Auto Increment FilenameThe command adds a suffix to the filename if a file with that name already exists.
Copy FileThe command copies the file to another directory.
Copy FilesThe script copies files from the directory to another one.
Create DirectoryThe command creates a directory.
Create FileThe command creates or truncates the file.
Create File From TemplateThe command creates a file using a text template.
Delete DirectoryThe command removes the directory with all its contents.
Delete Empty FoldersThe command removes the empty subdirectories in the specified directory.
Delete FileThe command removes a file or an empty directory.
Delete FilesDelete files in the folder and subdirectories.
Directory SizeThe script returns the size of the directory and the number of files in it.
File InfoThe script gets information about the file.
File ListGet the list of files into a variable object.
Foreach FileThe command runs nested commands for each file or directory.
Get Current DirectoryThe command gets the current directory.
Move FileThe command moves a file or directory.
Move FilesThe script moves files from one directory to another.
Parse FilenameThe script parses the filename and gets the directory, filename and extension.
Read FileThe command reads the file into a variable.
Rename FileThe command renames a file or directory.
Rename FilesThe script renames the file according to a regular expression.
Set Current DirectoryThe command changes the current directory.
Temporary FileThe command creates a temporary file.
Write To FileThe command writes the value of a variable to a file.

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