Get Registry Value

The Get Registry Value command retrieves the Windows Registry values ​​in the specified subkey and assigns these values ​​to variables.

Root Key
Specify the Registry root key.

Specify the name of the Registry key where the retrieved values are located.

1Software\My Application\Data


Enter the values ​​you want to get here. The current version supports the following types of Registry values: SZ, EXPAND_SZ, DWORD.

Value Name
The name of the value to be retrieved. If an empty string is specified, then the default value will be obtained.

Variable Name
The name of the variable to be assigned the value.

Default Value
By default, if the value does not exist, an error is returned. If you specify the Default Value parameter, then there will be no error and the specified string will be assigned to the variable.

Access for keys of 32-bit or 64-bit applications.

  • --- - default access.
  • WOW64_32KEY - access to the Registry keys for 32-bit applications.
  • WOW64_64KEY - access to the Registry keys for 64-bit applications.
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