Rename Files

The Rename Files command renames files according to the specified regular expression.

Specify the directory with the files to be renamed.

Regular Expression
Specify a regular expression to be used to rename files. Files that do not match this regular expression will be skipped.

New Filename.
Specify a new file name. You only need to specify the part that will be replaced with the found fragment for the specified regular expression. You can specify $i or ${i} in this parameter to substitute the i-th subexpression.

1Original Name: myfile (1).txt
2Regular Expression: \s\(\d\)\.
3New Filename: .
4Result Filename: myfile.txt
6Original Name: myfile (1).txt
7Regular Expression: \((\d+)\)
8New Filename: [${1}
9Result filename: myfile [1].txt

If File Exists
You can specify an action if a file with the new name exists. The options are described in the Copy File command.

Recursive Search
Exclude Wildcard or RegExp
These parameters are described in the Foreach File command.

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