Foreach Line in CSV

The command Foreach Line in CSV executes nested commands for each line in the specified CSV file.

File Name
Specify the full or relative path to the CSV file in which you want to read each line and execute nested commands.

Variable Name
Specify the name of a variable in which an array of values of the next line will be written. You can use this variable object in nested commands.

By default, a comma is considered the separator between values in a record. You can specify another delimiter that is used in the specified CSV file. For example, ;.

By default, the fields of each row are written to an array variable. But you can specify a name for each column. The names are separated by commas. In this case, the column values ​​will be written to the associative array (map). If you do not specify a name for a column, then it will not be available. For example, let's say we have the csvline variable and the following CSV file:

2"John Doe, "My Company, Inc.",3600
3Alex 1,Private Company,4800

If the Columns field is empty the output of #csvline[0]# = #csvline[2]# value for each row will give the following result:

1Robert = 1200
2John Doe = 3600
3Alex 1 = 4800

If we define the Columns field as name,,value, we get the same result for the value = #csvline.value#.

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