Parse YAML

The Parse YAML command parses YAML data and stores it in an object variable.

Specify YAML data to be parsed. If you need to parse a yaml file, then specify its name in angle brackets or read it into a variable beforehand. Below are a few options for the definition of this parameter.

1name: Alex
3    - id: 123
4      value: test
5    - id: 56
6      value: "#value# #mark#"

Result Variable
Specify the name of the variable to which the object with YAML data will be assigned. You can use this variable in commands and functions to work with objects. You can also get field values directly. For example, if you specify the name of the variable yamlobj, you can get field values for the first example as follows: => Alex
2#yamlobj.list[0].value# => test
3#yamlobj.list[1].id# => 56
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